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Ian's Blawg

There is a dizzying array of articles being published on the CCP Co-vid Virus. This is on top of staying abreast of everything else going on.  It really is overwhelming.        

That’s true for me and I have always spent a good part of my day staying up on current events with an eye on legal issues and trends.            

Instead of publishing yet more single topic blawgs, I have started to aggregate the articles I come across that may be of interest to those that follow my posts.              

Of course, I will still write and publish my own articles on issues I think deserve special attention but I can do more by providing a list of links to items of particular interest.            

Here you will find:                                                                                     
...my own legal articles that derive from my paralegal practice in civil litigation, landlord & tenant, provincial and criminal code offences. 

... commentaries on news and current affairs articles from public news sites
... links to my opinion column  in TheLawyers Daily    www.thelawyersdaily.ca/

... updates on the LegalCentre.ca platform Virtual Office Platform for paralegals and other business owners called LegalCentre.ca.  
 April 10, 2020: In The News - Coughing on Another
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