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Paralegal 2020 Vision

The future is digital.  PARALEGALS, LAWYERS, LEGAL ASSOCIATIONS, AFFILIATE SERVICES (those that supply services to legal professionals), LEGAL STUDENTS and TEACHERS this could benefit you.  While this is on my Legal Eagle public website, I am only drawing attention to it to specific people and groups for now.  If you are in that group, I am looking for feedback on many levels and appreciate the time you spend and any responses that you may have.Paralegal 2020 Vision

Speaking to a widely-varied audience is difficult because each group has a different interest and perspective, so I have divided it up into seven parts. Aside from the intro, each part can be seen independently but they all combine to something greater than the sum of the parts.

I recommend reading Part 1 and Part 7 and any other parts that could benefit you.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 1 Intro  - This is all you need to see to get an idea of the overall concept.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 2 Website - Connecting the public with paralegals.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 3 Virtual Offices - A turn-key office with all the tools needed to do what paralegals do and collaborate with other legal professionals.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 4 Associations - A stable virtual office to help associations connect with their members and to work on collective projects.

 Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 5 Affiliates - A kiosk in a virtual 'everything legal' marketplace. Highlight services to a perpetual stream of highly commited consumers.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 6 Students, Teachers & the Academy - Customized virtual desktops designed for academics and permanent virtual classrooms.

Paralegal Vision 2020  - Part 7 Virtual Legal Kommunity - A Legal Centre, in a permanent virtual structure bringing together all the elements of this platform in one location.

To make it an easy read you can get the basic idea by skimming through and reading the big print only.  There is a lot of useful detail in the background and you can zoom in on anything you see by double clicking your mouse.  

These are similar to Powerpoint ... cycle through them using the arrow keys .  Use the mouse wheel or double click on any item to zoom in.  

This is a work in progress and everything is subject to additon, clarification, rewording and reworking. 

This video is Elon Musk on Vision and Inspiration

Thank you for your consideration.

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